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R. B. Hall (Robert Browne Hall)

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Robert Browne Hall [1858-1907]

Американский дирижёр и композитор маршей

Статья в Википедии (на англ.): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Browne_Hall

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Информация о маршах

Mt. Ararat High School / Our School / Departments And Programs / Music/Performing Arts / R.B. Hall / Marches

Mace Gay's Band Book of Hall's Marches

Mace Gay, Publisher. Mace Gay sold the copyrights to these marches to Walter Jacobs, who re-issued the collection R.B. Hall's Band Book of his Most Famous Marches. The rights were later transferred again to the Waterloo Music Co, which put out yet a third edition of the collection: Waterloo Book of Hall's Marches.

March DeMolay Commandery - Published for band and orchestra in the same key
March Canton Halifax- Copyright 1920 by Mace Gay, reassigned in 1934 to Walter Jacobs. Written for the Canton Halifax Lodge of Patriarchs Militant (the uniformed rank of the rank of Odd Fellows) in Waterville, ME.
March, The Sentinel -1892, dedicated to the Waterville, ME newspaper The Morning Sentinel, one of two daily newspapers in Waterville at the time. Ironically, it was the other paper in town, The Waterville Mail, that seemed to give R.B. Hall and the Waterville Military Band more publicity and support.
Waterville March - First played on May 26, 1891 by the Waterville Military Band
The Red Men'sMarch- 1893, respectfully dedicated to the order of "RED MEN"
March Chilcothian - Respectfully dedicated to the "Chilcothians" of Bangor, Maine, a female drill team named for their founder Dr. Langdon S. Chilcott. The march "includes drum ruffles and bugle call marching signals reminiscent of those in Chilcott's book Templar Tactics and Manual. It also includes the well-known song Annie Laurie, as reference to the gender and fairness of the young women as well as a further melody in the trio that may well have been their marching song". Bowie, p. 357
March Chandler's- Respectfully dedicated to Chandler's Band of Portland, ME. Chandler's Band, formed in 1833, was the generally acknowledged as the premier band in the state of Maine during R. B. Hall's life.
March Appleton- Appleton Street in Waterville, ME was the parade route that R.B. Hall often marched with the Waterville Military Band
Colonel Brett March- Respectfully dedicated to Colonel Victor Brett, 2nd Regiment M.V.M.
March Lodoeska -1889, written for Hall's mother's Virginia Lodoeska Browne Hall.
General Mitchell March - 1889, written for General Henry L. Mitchell, a Bangor attorney who was a moving force behind the rebuilding of the Bangor Band during Hall's years as director.
Randolph March - Written for the town of Randolph, Maine on the occasion of its incorporation as a town in 1887.
March Dallas - Respectfully dedicated to Dallas Lodge I.O.O.F., Dallastown, PA, who requested this march be written. It includes the lodge song, a variation on Annie Laurie.
March RLIB - Respectfully dedicated to the Richmond Light Infantry Blues Band of Richmond, VA
March The Richmond Bee- Written for the Richmond Bee newspaper in Richmond, ME, where R.B. Hall grew up.
March The Banner-1894

The R.B. Hall Superior Band Book

Published posthumously in 1908 by The John Church Co. and very popular in its time.

The Imperial Life Guards March - Published posthumously in 1908. In quadrille style and thematically related throughout
The Exalted Ruler March - Dedicated to Waterville B.P.O. Elks Club. This march was probably written to be performed at an Elks grand convention being held at the new Elks Lodge in Waterville on March 4, 1905. Unfortunately, R.B. Hall suffered a stroke during band rehearsal the night before that and was unable to perform.
Glenwood March - 1904, published also for both orchestra and piano
The Crisis March - Includes quotes from several patriotic songs, including Hail Columbia, Sweet Home, and The Star Spangled Banner; probably written in response to the nationalism inspired by the Spanish-American war in 1902
The Cavalier March - 1902, published also for both piano and orchestra
The New Colonial March - Dedicated to Mr. John Behr of the Gilbert and Popham Colony
Commonwealth March and Two-Step - Published also for piano and orchestra; originally titled Greeting to the Admiral on the occasion of Admiral Dewey's return to Boston from the war in Philippines
The Creole Queen - Characteristic march; written in the ragtime style that was so popular at the turn of the century; published also for both piano and orchestra
The Maine Festival March - Dedicated to Dr. William Rogers Chapman and first performed in 1898 at the Maine Music Festival, a series of grand concerts throughout the state. "The Maine Music Festival, under the direction of William Rogers Chapman, became and continued to be for more than a quarter of a century one of the institutions of Maine, and it was recognized throughout the country as one of the foremost annual musical events in America. A chorus was organized in every county of the State, and during the thirty years of its life more than five thousand singers became its members. All the great oratorios were sung and during the last five years of its existence, operas were rendered in costume and with action, among which were Faust, Carmen, Aida, Il Trovatore, and Martha, while others were given in concert form. The Maine Symphony Orchestra, which was also organized by Mr. Chapman, was composed of some of the best professional instrumentalists to be found in the state", including R.B. Hall. - Thornton, p. 220-222.
The American Belle March - 1887, also published for orchestra and piano
Hamiltonian March - Also published for orchestra and piano. The origin of this title is unknown, however, Gordon Bowie puts forth two plausible explanations. It was likely written for either the Hamilton Lodge, American Order of Workmen, in Oakland, ME or for E.C. Hamilton of Waterville, who owned the Elm City Hotel, and who was, on at least one occasion, a concert sponsor of R.B. Hall's Waterville Military Band.
Uncle Dooley's Delight - Hornpipe march dedicated to a Richmond, ME "local character" and contemporary of R.B. Hall
Guardes du Corps March, 1896 - Coloradond
Veni, Vidi, Vici March -1896 (two step), unknown origin; possibly written for the Tenth Regiment Band, Albany, NY.
Palatinus March (two step) -1896
Philo Senate March - Dedicated to Philo Senate No. 331, Waterville, ME

The R.B. Hall Band Book

15 World-Famous Marches by R.B. Hall
Carl Fischer, Inc., Publisher
This collection was also published in 1917 for full orchestra with the marches transposed up or down a half step to accommodate the string sections.
Second Regiment P.M. March- 1894, dedicated to and inspired by a field day sponsored by the Second Regiment Patriarchs Militant of Bangor. The weeklong event involved a large parade, a band concert at Norumbega Hall, and a boat trip down the Penobscot River. The march was premiered by Hall's Waterville Military Band on January 1, 1884.

Dunlap Commandery March - Respectfully dedicated to the Dunlap Commandery, Knights Templar of Bath, ME. Hall often travelled to Bath to play for this organization. "According to news accounts, he composed this march especially for an excursion to accompany the Dunlap Commandery from Bath to Portsmouth, NH on June 24, 1893 for an annual pilgrimage." - Bowie, p. 345
W.M.B. March - Written for the Waterville Military Band
Greeting to Bangor March - Written for the City of Bangor, ME in response to the Boston Music "Ne Plus Ultra" cornet presented to Hall on July 10, 1884 in appreciation for his rebuilding of the Bangor Band. Hall was given several other cornets during his lifetime but he continued to play this one until his death. The cornet is now on display at the Waterville Historical Society's Redington Museum.
Colonel Philbrook March - 1894, written for George A. Philbrook, the commanding officer of the Second Regiment Maine National Guard
American Cadet March - Dedicated to the American Cadet Band, Portland, ME and written in the style of Sousa's High School Cadets March
Independentia March- 1895, dedicated to the Order of Odd Fellows
Hamlin Rifles March - 1895
Fort Popham March - Fort Popham is located at the mouth of the Kennebec River in Phippsburg, ME. In 1607, the same year in which Jamestown was colonized in Virginia, The Plymouth Company led by Sir George Popham and Raleigh Gilbert attempted a New England colonization at the mouth of the Kennebec River, what is now Fort Popham. On this site, a wooden fortification was built and used during the Civil War and the War of 1812. The present granite fort was built in 1861 for use in the Civil War. It was also used during Spanish American War and again in World War I. It was a popular tourist attraction during R.B. Hall's time and he often played on boat excursions down the Kennebec River to Fort Popham. Excursions were a lucrative source of band and orchestra work during the summers. Fort Popham is now a state park. The march was premiered by the Waterville Military Band on January 1, 1884 and written for a Knights of Pythias field day excursion to Fort Popham.
Norembega March - 1895, "Titled for the mythical city of riches once believed to be located on the banks of the Penobscot River, where Bangor, ME stands today." Bowie, p. 358
S.I.B.A. March - Dedicated to the Southern Illinois Band Association
Colonel Fitch March - 1895, edicated to Lt. Colonel William E. Fitch of the Tenth Regiment of Albany, NY. R. B. Hall conducted the Tenth Regiment Band in 1895 but returned home to Waterville in the summer of 1895 because the marching requirements of the job in Albany were too much for Hall who had a lifelong physical disability of unknown origin that affected his ability to march. He walked with a limp and often marched using a cane for support.
Albanian March - 1895, written during R.B. Hall's time with the Tenth Regiment Band in Albany, NY, which Hall directed in 1895
Tenth Regiment March - 1895, also known as Death or Glory; respectfully dedicated to the Tenth Regiment Band of Albany, NY
March Funebre - 1901, played by the U.S. Navy Band for funerals of high ranking officials and presidents. The Funeral March became well known when it was played during John F. Kennedy's funeral ceremony.

Other R.B. Hall marches

Adjutant Bridge - 1890, first performed by the Bangor Band with R.B. Hall conducting on May 27, 1884 at the band's first outdoor concert of the summer season
Algerine - 1890, originally titled The Comical Indian
BB (Bangor Band) - No known date
Bangor March - 1890, originally called Colonel Perkins March, this march was updated around 1884 and published by Oliver Distor Co.
Canabas - Published by Lyon and Healy in 1904 and dedicated to the Canabas Club of Waterville, ME, of which R.B. Hall was a member. "The Canabas Club was a posh gathering place for the elite businessmen of Waterville. There were meeting rooms, a fine piano, a billiards room, and a ball room for functions." - Bowie, p. 297
Charge of the Battalion - Published by John Church Pub. in 1898; the most difficult of the Church marches and the reason it is not included in the Church collection
Colonel Mitchell - 1889, this was an early march of Hall's that was never published, although some melodic elements of it were incorporated in General Mitchell March
Crean's March - No known date
Flirtation - 1890
GMB (Gardiner Military Band) -1890
Kennebec - Published by Jean Missud; named for the popular excursion steamer of the same name was launched in 1890 and sailed the Kennebec River
Kineo - 1889, named for the Kineo House at Moosehead Lake, a resort hotel where R.B. Hall played, usually with H.M. Pullam's Orchestra
L.B.B. (Lewiston Brigade Band) -1890
March 6/8, - 1896; also published as Quabog in 1911
Meditation March - A set of variations on Home Sweet Home, a popular song of the day; no known date
M.H.A.- 1887, Hall's first published march. He sold the rights to Mace Gay for $5! It was written for Melvin H. Andrews of Bangor, ME. Mr. Andrews was the conductor of the Bangor Band from 1865 to 1880. R.B. Hall played often for him as featured cornet soloist with the popular and lucrative Andrew's Orchestra during his Bangor days. Mr. Andrews was also a successful dance instructor and later opened a music store in Bangor, Andrews Music House, which was in operation until 1974.
Officer of the Day - Published by Lyon and Healy in 1903. One of R.B. Hall's most popular and financially successful marches of its day. Originally written as a funeral march, he converted it to a 6/8, two-step style march. It was also published for orchestra and piano. 300,000 copies of this march for piano were sold the initial shipment to Europe alone.
Second Regiment March - No known date
Trinity Bells - Published by Lyon and Healy in 1904, and "dedicated to R.B. Hall's sister Alice (Mrs. Alice Thurlow), a church organist in Richmond." - Bowie, p.298

R.B. Hall marches published posthumously

These marches are also known as the Rain Barrel Marches, because they had been kept in a rain barrel and were sold to publishers by Hall's widow, Isabella.

"His wife, although she had left him, inherited all his effects. Among these was a barrel full of manuscript that contained strains of the various pieces Hall was working on, but that for one reason or another he had rejected, not completed, or set aside for later. Isabella arranged, over the next several years, to have these loose strains assembled into marches and published, and to have the unpublished scores of various marches (and a few other pieces) out into print. These were later to become known as the 'rain barrel' marches, since they were literally left in a rain barrel." - Bowie, p. 331

Adalid - An original march from 1870, originally written for the Richmond Cornet Band
Androscoggin - Published in 1914; presumably named after the Androscoggin River (or possibly Androscoggin County in Maine)
Angelica - Published in 1914
The Ensign - Published in 1908; asaid to have been one of the early R.C.B. (Richmond Cornet Band) Marches - RCB1, RCB 2, RCB3
Eternal Rest- A funeral march
Felicitas - Published in 1909 by Cundy Bettoney; used by Hall's Orchestra often in manuscript form
The Commander - Dedicated to Hall's cornet student, F. Louise Horne, who had a successful career as a nationally recognized cornet soloist
North Easton- Published in 1914 by Cundy Bettoney. This march was pieced together by the publisher from bits and pieces of manuscripts that Hall had been working on at the time of his death.
Old Guard - Published in 1914 by Cundy Bettoney; included the first strain of the previously published Trinity Bells
Pine Tree State - Published in 1915 by Cundy Bettoney
Quaboag - Published in 1911 by Star Music Publishing Co.; named after Quaboag Lake in northern Massachusetts
Resilient - Published in 1914; identical to The Ensign, but with an extended trio

Other compositions by R.B. Hall

Annie Laurie Variations - Cornet solo
Barcelona - Bolero for cornet, 1892
Bolero for Two Cornets - Cornet duet with band, 1895
Concert Polka- Cornet solo with small band. No known date
Frolic - Song and dance, 1890
Geraldine - Cappiccio for cornet solo, 1906
A Georgia Jade - Published in 1909 by Ernest Williams; a ragtime two-step.
In the Moonlight - Serenade for baritone solo, 1893
Ino - A "barn dance schottishe" in 4/4/ time. Originally published for small orchestra. An earlier version, written one half step lower, had been titled Everling.
Island Garden - Schottische, 1895
Lil and Lou - Song and dance, schottische, 1896
Little Gussie - Song and dance, 1895
Margorie Schottische - No known date
May Blossoms - An opera; no known date
Song for Cornet or Trombone- 1897, Coleman Publishing
Stella - Polka, cornet solo, 1889; dedicated to Miss Stella Hunter

Lost R.B. Hall marches

These comprise marches that were rumored to have been written but have never been located. It may be that they were simply never published or were published in whole or in combination with other march strains under a different title. It also may be that they were actually the same march with interchangeable titles for when Mr. Hall was working with different bands.

Cherryfield - Dedicated to the Cherryfield, ME Band
Garland - Dedicated to the Garland, ME Band
Winslow - Dedicated to the Winslow, ME Band

Historical information about the marches came from:

Dedication notes and inscriptions on the original arrangements
R.B. Hall and the Community Bands of Maine, a doctoral thesis by Gordon W. Bowie, Ph.D. - University of Maine, 1993.
Music and Musicians of Maine, George Thornton Edwards, Southworth Press, South Portland, Maine, 1928
Notes compiled by the R.B. Hall Memorial Band, Waterville, Maine

Источник: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:hNFO5zu0gtMJ:mta.link75.org/cms/One.aspx%3FportalId%3D500828%26pageId%3D781818+&cd=22&hl=ru&ct=clnk&gl=ru
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